This hand crafted Acoustic Guitar Serving Board is truely one of kind.  This Serving Board is made from three beautiful woods.  English Walnut, Padauk and Wenge.  The voids and guitar center is filled with an FDA certified food safe resin. English Walnut is the original Walnut of Europe. This tree was prized for its walnuts and was planted all throughout Europe and England. This wood is prized for firearm stocks and fine furniture. Trees grow from 80 to 115’ tall and 5 to 6’ in diameter. Padauk is from Central and Tropical West Africa. The color of Padauk is a beautiful reddish orange color. Padauk trees grow to a height of 130 feet with a diameter of up to 4 feet. Wenge is from equatorial West Africa. The wood is difficult to obtain over the last 10 years due to internal conflict in Africa. Wenge trees grow to a height of 90 feet and a diameter of up to 4 feet. Has a food grade finish used for cutting boards and rubber feet to protect your counter and furniture. Hand wash only. Board Size: 24" x 10 3/4" x 7/8".

Serving Board - Acoustic Guitar

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