Cutting/Serving Board. This handcrafted "Side Grain" board is made from Maple, English Walnut and Bubinga. Side grain is the most durable orientation. The durable surface acts like a wall and is very good for chopping and food prep. This Maple color can range from white and gold to coral and red. This Maple is Oregon Maple from the coastal region. Mature trees grow to a height up to 100 ft with a diameter up to 3 ft. English Walnut is the original Walnut of Europe. This tree is prized for its walnuts and was planted all throughout Europe and England. This wood is prized for firearm stock and fine furniture. Trees grow to a height up to 115 ft with a diameter up to 6 ft. African Bubinga is from Equatorial Africa. Bubinga colors range from pinkish red to a darker reddish brown with darker purple or black streaks. This Bubinga has a beautiful figure of waterfall and quilted. Mature trees grow to a height up to 150 feet with a diameter up to 6 feet. Has handles carved in the sides and and rubber feet on the bottom to protect any surface. Has our special blend of conditioner that is a food grade finish used for cutting boards. Board Size: 15 1/4"x 11 1/4"x 1 3/8". 

Cutting Board - Maple, Walnut & Bubinga