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This hand crafted 2 player Cribbage Board is made from Canary Wood and Padauk.  Canary wood is called Tarara in Brazil.  This is a beautiful exotic wood that has the colors of Tulip wood.  Colors for Canary wood can range from red, yellow, orange, green, tan and browns.  Canary trees grow to a height of 100 feet with a diameter of up to 3 feet.  Padauk is from Central and Tropical West Africa. The color of Padauk is a beautiful reddish orange color. Padauk trees grow to a height of 130 feet with a diameter of up to 4 feet.  Convenient pocket on the under side holding scoring pegs.  Rubber feet to protect any playing surface.  Cribbage Game instructions included.  10 1/2" round 3/4" thickness.  

Cribbage Board

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