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It's Fun to be Prepared!

With change in our world's climate, now is the time for the whole family to be prepared for emergencies. It does not matter what size the emergency is big or small your family needs to be prepared. Everyone in the family need to know how to be prepared. The subject of emergencies or disasters can be scary especially the little ones. Yet preparing for these things is not, it can be fun. That is why I wrote this book. 

Our book covers, IN A FUN WAY, how to be prepared for:

Meet the Bowser Gang

Follow Droops and Butch as the help you teach your kids about emergencies and disasters along with how to be prepared in a fun way. Children learn how to make a home emergency plan, a home emergency kit, a personal Go-Kitand much more.

If you are a non-profit organization, an educator or an emergency manager ask us about our donation program to educate families and children about being prepared.

Contact Byron Snyder at

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