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Hello from B. R. Snyder

First I must say, "Thank You" to my sister, Barbara, for allowing me to be part of her family business, Hammond Custom Designs  For those of you who do not know me, I am an creative and imaginative author with several books under my belt. I am now retired from the Happiest Place On Earth, Disneyland. Working there has inspired me to become a writer,  filmmaker and an entrepreneur, I also have the honor of being the brother of Barbara Hammond and the brother-in-law of Mike Hammond. It was not until I retired and moved to La Pine, Oregon, that we made a true entrepreneurial bond. We now are working together to create a fantastic company that shows off our creative and innovative styles. Hammond Custom Designs is proud to include B. R. Snyder Books which includes his cookbook, Cookin's no Joke and his his line of matching quality kitchen wood products.

My Writings

I first started to write back in the '70s. My passion was to be a filmmaker so i began to read every book I could about making movies. I learned that the first thing I would need is a story. Which led me to begin writing my first screenplay. Ten years later I had five scripts under my belt and my writing had improved. I then started to write several short stories. I began a full novel, THE CURSE OF THE SULTAN'S TREASURE, and self published it. During this time I also was developing a novelty cookbook, Cookin's No Joke. This led me to develop a line of kitchen accessories to go along with the cookbook. After publishing both the cookbook and the CURSE novel, I started to write an Emergency Preparedness book directed at kids and their families. I had developed a set of cartoon characters back in the eighties which included C. U. Later, the alligator and The Bowser Boys. C. U. later would be a stand alone character with his own set of story books. The Bowser Boys hopefully would be be in several help book, adventure stories, comic books and their own animated shorts. I continue to write more novels and other novelty books.  


I'm always looking to meet new and exciting friends 

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